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Amerigo Scientific Highlights Cell-Free Expression Supplies with pEU Vector Set

Amerigo Scientific, a distributor focused on providing critical products and services to biomedical and life science communities, is proud to showcase its featured offering in cell-free protein expression supplies – the pEU vector set. This innovative vector set allows for efficient and reliable protein expression in a cell-free system, offering researchers a powerful tool for their studies.


Cell-free protein expression systems have become a crucial tool in the field of molecular biology as they provide an alternative to traditional in vivo expression methods. By bypassing cellular constraints, researchers can directly express proteins of interest, leading to faster results and increased scalability. Amerigo Scientific recognizes the importance of such systems and strives to provide cutting-edge products to support scientific advancements.


The pEU vector set at Amerigo Scientific is designed to streamline and enhance protein expression in cell-free systems. This includes vectors for GST-, His, or DYKDDDDK-affinity tag, as well as the positive control vector pEU-E01-DHFR used for testing reaction conditions. Each vector has an SP6 RNA polymerase promoter to drive RNA expression, followed by the E01 enhancer. E01 enhancer is required for initiating translation reactions. The coding region of the target protein can be cloned into any restriction site within the carrier’s multiple cloning sites. However, it’s recommended to use the restriction enzyme cutting site closest to the E01 enhancer to ensure efficient translation initiation. SP6 RNA polymerase does not require any terminator sequence to stop transcription.


Amerigo Scientific’s pEU vector set has been highly optimized to maximize synthetic efficiency through a wheat germ cell-free protein expression system. By introducing bacteriophage SP6 into the transcriptional promoter and a completely artificial E01 sequence selected from a randomized nucleic acid sequence pool into the translational enhancer, an mRNA with high translational activity can be produced, and protein synthesis efficiency can be maximized.


“We are constantly seeking to provide scientists with the tools necessary to accelerate their research. We are thrilled to introduce our pEU vector set, an ideal solution for cell-free protein expression,” said the marketing manager at Amerigo Scientific. “This innovative vector set empowers researchers to express their desired protein with ease and efficiency, ultimately driving breakthrough discoveries.”


About Amerigo Scientific

Amerigo Scientific, as a recognized distributor in the United States, collaborates closely with leading manufacturers worldwide and invites cooperation to all companies and institutions in the branch of reagents, kits, antibodies, and many other products for life science, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Its professional team is equipped with excellent technical support and thoughtful customer service. As most of its employees have earned a graduate (Ph.D. or M.S.) degree in life science, they can comprehend customers’ questions or concerns and are always ready to provide individualized customer service of high standards.

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