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An ideal Kashmir tour package for family

Kashmir is a beautiful and ecstatic destination that is perfect for a family to visit together and enjoy the beauty, mountains, and landscape of Kashmir. Kasmir is also known as paradise of earth which means beauty and happiness in the same place as opposed to heaven.

For family trips, Kashmir tour packages from Srinagar would be best. But designing the perfect tour package for a family needs careful checking and involves a lot of activities which should be considered by every member. Let’s see how you can create an ideal Kashmir tour package that caters to different activities for different age groups of families.

  1. Destination diversity: As we know, in a family are are different people of different age groups, and hence the first step in designing the tour package should be the variety of destinations and experiences. Starting with the most iconic lake i.e. Dal Lake where the family can enjoy the shikara ride in a houseboat. Next, move to Gulmarg for winter sports and then to Pahalgam which is a town with snow-capped mountains.
  2. Kid-friendly activities: Another important thing to design in your tour package is adding kid activities. If you are planning a trip for the family then for sure it will include kids and hence adding kid-friendly activities will add experience to their journey. You can visit the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve in Gulmarg for a wildlife safari which will introduce the children into the world of diverse flora and fauna. Activities like these engage children and add lasting memories to them.
  3. Cultural immersion: Kashmir is a state that is rich in culture and heritage and this destination will include a cultural experience. Cultural experiences in your tour package allow the family to connect with the local people of Kashmir. A visit to the Mughal Garden provides a scenic view of historical culture. Then, the local market of Kashmir provides families an opportunity to interact and learn from the local people and purchase handicrafts.
  4. Comfortable accommodation: This should be considered the most crucial factor while designing your tour package. Hotels or resorts that are comfortable and offer big and airy rooms should be considered and which will provide the best facilities. Many hotels in Kashmir provide facilities according to the needs of the whole family which means that both parents and families have comfortable and enjoyable accommodation.
  5. Adventure for all ages: Another factor which should be considered is an adventure for all age groups and hence the tour should be made by considering young and elderly people. In a family, there are young people, elderly people, and children, and hence the tour package should include places that offer activities for all age groups.


In conclusion, these points should be kept in mind while designing one of the best Kashmir tour packages for a family. The package should be made after thinking for all the family members. This tour will provide cultural experiences, comfortable accommodations, kid-friendly activities, and diverse destinations for an ideal trip to be remembered forever.

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