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Best Websites To Learn Programming & Level-Up Coding Skills

Programming, also referred to as coding, is awesome. Although an aspect of applied science & highly technical, there’s an aspect of artistic creativity in writing codes and designing software applications. Programming engages numerous essential skills such as algorithmic thinking, computational problem solving, time management & efficiency, etc., tests intelligence, knowledge & know-how and, thus, is an excellent way to enhance skills, abilities, & ideas. And, with superb career prospects, learning coding can be extremely rewarding in all aspects.

Now, programming can be a little intimidating, especially for beginners and those who need homework writing service. Hard work, dedication, studying, and practice are essential to complete mastery. While it is possible to become a self-taught programmer, it is always good to have some mentor or, at least, some mentor to guide you in your journey.

There are quite a few fantastic websites & forums online that offer a lot of convenient features to learners. Followed and endorsed by competitive programmers & significant software companies, these websites are top-rated, feature-rich, well-organized, and structured & comprehensive in their approach.

This article list some of the most excellent websites to learn to code

Five Of The Best Websites To Learn Coding

Before we begin, one thing that readers must keep in mind is that the websites & coding platforms mentioned below vary widely. While every one of them offers numerous features & benefits to enhance learning and attain mastery, some are better suited for beginners. In contrast, others require a decent foundation in computer science & mathematics.

The sites are mentioned in no particular order.

Coding Dojo

One of the most renowned coding Bootcamp platforms of them all, Coding Dojo is a US-based coding platform that offers a vast array of options for everyone. Beginners, intermediates, and experts—there’s something for everyone and courses for every primary programming language & trending computer science discipline.

Coding Dojo has online full-time and part-time boot camps for software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, and more. Get course recommendations, connect with instructors, and avail varied custom financing options with a single click.

Bootcamp participants from Coding Dojo have landed lucrative jobs in Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, Google, and Linked In. Apple, Facebook, HP, Uber, and several major MNCs.


Practice, compete, and learn coding with Codechef. The website offers 3000+ problems of varying difficulty with video editorials & hints, self-paced & topic-focused learning courses, and rated competitions every week & every month with separate divisions for differently skilled programmers.

There are 1v1 challenges, coding games, mentorship programs, and CodeChef Pro, which offers exclusive expert guidance & curated practice paths. Learners also connect with a vast community of coders and practice in over 50 programming languages. Get Haskell programming assignment help, C/C++/Java programming assignment help, Ruby assignment help, dynamic programming assignment help, functional programming & OOP assignment help, and much more right here.


This platform serves both learners and organizations. Developers can register with the platform to practice, build, & showcase their skills through their profiles. And businesses get to recruit from a pool of talented coders with crack skills and verified credentials.

Developers get access to numerous starter courses, interview kits, coding challenges, and more. Python, Ruby, React, Angular, SQL, C, C++, jQuery, Go, R, Scala, Java, PHP, React/React Native, Data Structures & Algorithms – there are a wide variety of learning options available on the platform.


Codeacademy is yet another trendy and prominent coding platform in modern times. The website offers a vast array of options for different kinds of learners. Once you register with them, you get access to trending technology courses such as web development, mobile development, dynamic programming, DevOps, game development, AI & machine learning, data science, etc., offers dedicated & structured courses on Haskell, Pascal, Python, HTML/CSS/JS, and all other aspects of software programming.

Learners can enrol and try out almost all courses for free. Upgrading to the premium, paid plan unlocks additional premium options & content. Codeacademy makes learning programs fast and easy with curated skill paths that help learners focus & pick up a specific skill, learn a particular language, or explore a broader topic or career field.


CodeWars is another fantastic platform to get started. Improve your coding skills, join a significant coding community, practice, level up, earn ranks, learn new programming languages, compete with others, and help others become better coders—do all this & much more with CodeWars.

CodeWars provides numerous kata or mini-coding exercises to help build your skills. Access katas in more than 60 programming languages and across different levels, from beginner to advanced. You can also develop your katas, avail yourself of different resources & get expert feedback.


Sololearn offers several courses that are tailored to different learning levels. The platform has different categories of coding courses for both students & professionals and has more than 40 million users.

The platform offers a bite-sized learning system wherein courses progress on a concept-by-concept basis for a specific topic or subject. Sololearn’s courses are primarily free, but the pro version allows unlimited practice and an ad-free experience.

Team Treehouse

Treehouse takes a project-oriented approach towards coding. As a result, the platform offers top-notch and easy-to-follow courses designed specifically by professional tutors & coding instructors. This is one of the biggest reasons Treehouse is the best place to learn coding from scratch.


Yet another fantastic online platform dedicated to coding and software development, GeeksForGeeks focuses on helping any aspiring coder/developer learn and master all nuances of computer science and programming. The website has many fabulous articles, problem sets, questions & answers, competitive contests, and a dedicated job listing section for programmers.

And that wraps up this write-up. I hope this article helps you find and choose the best website that accelerates your journey towards complete mastery over computer programming and numerous other programming languages.

Start coding, put in the effort, study & practice more, and, if need be, get professional assistance for challenging assignments from reputed online services that provide quality Haskell programming assignment help online, dynamic programming assignment help, etc.


Searching for the best website to learn and improve coding? This article offers a quick look at some of the most prominent places to begin or boost your journey towards becoming a powerful programmer.

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