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Do you require top Alabama to Alaska Auto Shipping Services?

Alabama auto transport

When you make a reservation with an Auto Shipping Company for car transport from Alabama to Alaska, the Alabama to Alaska auto shipping company will arrange for one of their car transporters to collect your vehicle and deliver it to ports in Washington. Your car will then be put onto an auto shipping steamship that sails to a Fairbanks, Alaska, terminal or a harbour in Anchorage, Alaska. A reputed shipping company wants your experience shipping from Alabama to Alaska to be hassle-free.

Alabama to Alaska Auto shipping company can assist you with car shipping services no matter why you need to journey. Auto Transport is never an issue when using a vehicle transportation company! Shipping companies transport cars across the country.


Are you moving to or from Alabama right now? You must evaluate several factors. If one involves auto transport, you must research to find the most reputable provider of car shipment services in Alabama that will satisfy your requirements and expectations. A few factors need to be considered, and one of them is price. From one vehicle transport business to another, costs can differ significantly. If you look into holiday deals and promotions, you’d be amazed at how much money you can save.

What is the average time it takes to transport a vehicle from Alabama to Alaska?

Between two and three days are needed to travel from Alabama to Alaska. This path covers a stretch of about 1,000 miles. The usual daily mileage for standard carriers is 500 kilometres. There is also an expedited service option for packages that need to arrive more quickly.

Auto Shippers will have the precise shipment timetable at that time and be able to tell you how long it will take to send your car to or from Alaska once the shipping company have verified with you when you will be dropping off your vehicle at the port or when auto shipping company will be picking up your vehicle to truck to the port for you. Just remember that your car will be available to be collected at the other port within a week of being dropped off at one of the ports!

What is the price of shipping a car from Alabama to Alaska?

The average expense of shipping a vehicle from Alabama to Alaska is $300 to $600 over the last ten days.

To give you an exact price quote, auto shipping companies consider a few variables when calculating the cost of shipping your vehicle. The largest element that affects your overall cost is the distance between the origin and destination. The kind and state of the car being shipped are additional factors besides the distance of your relocation. The day your car is available for transfer is the last consideration. For better service, you can also add extra choices to your cargo at the time of booking, such as enclosed carrier and top-load service.

Alabama To Alaska Auto Shipping company can manage auto transportation from Alabama to Alaska for your automobile, truck, or other vehicles. With decades of expertise, expert auto shipping staff can handle long-distance transport work. Auto transport companies provide reasonable rates, precise quotes, and communication throughout the transportation procedure—book with them 24/7 using their safe online system or contact their expert shipment managers today.

Types of Car Shipping Available

You can ship your automobile if you don’t want to drive it yourself. You can choose between open or closed car carriers when transporting a vehicle to or from Alaska. An open car transporter is a semi-trailer with no weather protection and can carry five to six automobiles on different floors.

Transporting your automobile in an enclosed car carrier is better and more secure. As they won’t be subjected to weather or road debris, this is excellent for new, exotic, or classic vehicles. However, an enclosed vehicle carrier is significantly more costly compared to open carrier transport.

Many Auto Shipping Companies will offer vehicle transportation on an actual ship because many areas of Alaska are either only available by boat or are simpler to access by boat. Auto transport firms mainly provide transportation services from the ports of Seattle and Tacoma in Washington to the ports of Anchorage and Juneau in Alaska.

“Roll on, Roll off”

You also have two choices for ship shipping ways. Driving your vehicle straight onto the vessel and securing it to the ship deck is known as rolling on, rolling off, or RoRo. Although your vehicle will be inside the ship (and thus shielded from the elements), it will be open to its interior and parked among many other automobiles. When the ship arrives at its location, your vehicle will be driven off the ship and into the port. This shipping form is most prevalent for smaller ferry journeys between lesser Alaskan ports that cannot fill and unload conventional cargo containers. RoRo is also less costly than bigger container shipping.

Container Shipping

Your vehicle will be loaded onto the ship after being kept inside a container during shipment. A container can hold multiple vehicles, or you can buy a single container if you only want your car to journey in it. Both alternatives are more costly than RoRo, with single container shipping being the priciest method to let your priceless car enjoy the freedom of the open sea.

Enclosed vs Open Car Transport

You mainly have two choices for ground transportation during any portion of the trip on foot: enclosed carriers or open. Your vehicle will be put on a car carrier outside, exposed to the elements, in open-air transit. This technique is used to transport the majority of vehicles. Your vehicle is carried in a trailer with a covered conveyance, protecting it from the weather. For pricey, custom, or luxury vehicles, this technique is advised. It costs about $1,500, 40% more than available transit.

How to Prepare Car For Shipping from Alabama to Alaska?

The procedure of moving your vehicle to Alaska necessitates some planning. Most vehicle transportation companies will provide you with all of this information up front, often before you employ them, but a few things are worth noting here:

When sending a vehicle to Alaska, shipping firms and the state may require documentation, so ensure you have everything prepped and ready—it will speed up the process.
Depending on your location and mode of transportation, the complete procedure can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Any journey portion may encounter problems, such as a shipping delay, a vehicle rescheduling, port restrictions, etc. If you are slated to arrive in Alaska before your car, make sure you have a strategy for transportation.


While shipping a vehicle to or from Alaska can be costly, it may be a much simpler procedure than managing the transport yourself. Many transportation firms will handle the entire trip, even if they must subcontract third-party carriers to assist with certain journey parts.

Request numerous quotes from various companies so you can compare your best choice. Also, remember that buying a new or used car in Alaska may be less expensive than shipping your previous one.

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