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Everything a woman should be knowing about Menopause and Perimenopause 

We all are acquainted with the menstrual periods, their commencement and of course who can forget those period cramps which makes you experience hell on the earth. And you always wonder, when will these stop on their own without any complications. According to the gynecologist in Punjab, “ THe stoppage of periods is associated with one good and one bad point. The good point is that you will never have to experience the pain that you suffer every month during the periods. The bad point is that as soon as the menstrual period ceases, your reproductive system is no longer fertile.” If the menstrual cycle is irregular or ceases before the time, then the couples cannot conceive on their own with the help of the natural process, rather they have to get assistance from the IVF Centre in Punjab

  • Which are the main reasons for this? 
  • Age: 

As the woman is approaching maternal age, she begins to see the difference in the pattern of the menstrual cycle. And at the end, there comes a point at which the menstrual cycle ceases completely. 

  • Chemotherapy:

The cancer patients who are taking the chemotherapy treatment are prone to suffer from the stoppage of the menstrual periods and thus infertility. 

  • Surgeries:

There are many kinds of surgery including hysterectomy, which contributes a lot to the stoppage of the menstrual periods. 

  • What happens when the menstrual periods are caused by the woman? 

When this happens, then the ovaries of the woman are no more capable of producing full-fledged eggs. And because of this, the woman cannot get pregnant once the menstrual period stops. 

  • How is menopause confirmed? 

If the woman has not experienced periods for 12 months, then it is an indication that her periods are paused forever. 

  • At what age does the woman experience this? 

Usually, menopause is experienced at the age of 51. But in unusual cases, this can be experienced even as early as 40 and as late as 60. 

  • What is the effect of smoking on menopause? 

The woman who smoke usually experiences menopause at the age of 40. So it is better for the woman not to smoke since it affects their reproductivity as well in the childbirth years. 

  • What does perimenopause mean? How is it related to menopause? 

The period when the woman has not yet approached menopause but the functioning of her reproductive system has considerably affected is known as perimenopause. This is the period when the woman is experiencing changes in the reproductive organs as the function of the ovaries gradually stops and the uterus becomes weak.

  • Which are the symptoms of perimenopause? 

The symptoms of perimenopause can be listed as follow: 

  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular periods
  • Heavy or light bleeding
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings


In case you are going through menopause in the early 30s or 40s, then it should not be neglected and you should consult the doctor at your earliest.

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