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All About Kullu Manali Holidays Trips

Experience the Adventure & Culture Await in Kullu Manali

Are you looking for a holiday vacation in Hill Station, North India? There are lots of cool places to enjoy the holidays in the summer season. Manali Trip Package and Kullu Manali Tour Package are the best options for exploring Himachal Pradesh. Kullu Manali is the best option for you.  Make your trip more memorable with one of the most respected and successful names in the North India travel industry, Royal Rover Holiday.

One of the main attractions of the Kullu Manali is its pleasant climate. Fresh and pure air, snow-capped mountains, and greenery views attract the visitors. This region is known for its natural beauty. You can also explore the rich heritage and culture of this place. Hadimba temple. This ancient temple is dedicated to the Hadimba Devi. This temple is made of wood. The temple’s unique architecture makes it a popular destination for visitors on a holiday trip.

Let’s explore one trip in the lap of nature.

Activities Done During Kullu Manali Trip

During the Kullu Manali Trip, you can enjoy a variety of activities. Let’s discuss these activities here.


 One of the most popular activities done during a Kullu Manali trip is trekking. It is considered one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the region and spend quality time with family in the lap of nature. Enjoy the beauty of snow-capped peaks, lush green valleys, and cascading waterfalls during your trekking.

List of popular trekking destinations in Kullu Manali tour package

Hampta Pass trek

This is one of the popular trekking destinations for trek lovers. Breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountains are the point of attraction for trek lovers. Local culture adds an extra layer of richness to the trekking in this place. It is an unforgettable adventure for trekking lovers.

Beas Kund trek

This is also one of the best trekking places for the trek seekers. It is situated at 3780 meters. Breathing views of snow-capped mountains, fresh air, and greenery views are the specialty of this trekking place. Beas Kund Trek is one of the best ways to immerse oneself in nature and challenge one’s physical abilities. 

Chandrakhani Pass trek


Paragliding is one of the thrilling adventure activities. This activity has gained popularity in recent years in Kullu Manali places. A professional instructor ensures the protection and safety of the participant in this activity. The sense of freedom and tranquility experienced during the flight is unmatched. Paragliding in Kullu Manali is a must-try adventure activity for those seeking a unique and memorable experience. It combines excitement with natural beauty, creating an unforgettable journey that will be cherished for a lifetime. There are various spots in Kullu Manali for paragliding.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is one of the perfect paragliding spots in the Kullu Manali trip. This is the perfect combination of stunning natural beauty and thrilling heights. It is located at an altitude of 8500 feet above sea level.

Bir Billing

One of the most popular paragliding spots in Kullu Manali is Solang Valley. Another renowned paragliding destination in Kullu Manali is Bir Billing. Known as the “Paragliding Capital of India,” Bir Billing attracts adventure enthusiasts from around the world with its high-altitude take-off sites and long flying durations.

River Rafting

River rafting is one of the popular activities for tourists visiting Kullu Manali. This is also a thrilling adventure for the tourists. Rafting in Kullu Manali is a favorite activity among tourists because it allows them to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while also getting their adrenaline pumping.

Rafting on the Beas River

Rafting on the Beas River attracts thrill seekers from all over the world. There are various boats available for the experienced and beginner rafters. Fresh and cool air surrounding the river adds the overall charm of the experience.  

Rafting on the Sutlej River

Rafting on the Sutlej River is another spot for adventure lovers. Rafting on the Sutlej River is a unique opportunity to challenge oneself physically while immersing in nature’s beauty. The fast-flowing waters of the Sutlej River attract the thrill lover.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, if you are looking for a holiday vacation that combines natural beauty with adventure and cultural experiences, the Kullu Manali Tour Package is undoubtedly the best option for you in North India. Your traveling partner, royal rover holiday, one of the most respected and successful names in the North India travel industry, is always there for you. 

When it comes to traveling in North India, there is no better choice than Royal Rover Holiday. With their impeccable reputation and exceptional services, they are truly one of the best travel industry companies in the region. Royal Rover Holiday has a variety of tour packages to suit every traveler’s needs.

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