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How Long Does It Take To Build an ADU?

If you are dealing with space issues in your home then you can think about building an Accessory Dwelling Unit on your property, which can give you more space and solve the storage issues in your home. Besides this, ADUs can be used in different ways so that you can make the best use of that space. You can convert your garage into a dwelling unit, build an attached ADU unit, or add a backyard apartment to your property.

But, you should understand the type of ADU you are planning to build on your property and how much time it will take to finish this project. This will help you plan your ADU project and get it finished in the desired time. If you are searching for trusted ADU Builders San Diego, you can visit to know more about our services. So, let us understand the procedure of building an ADU unit and the time taken to complete each phase of the work process.

Time Taken for Building your ADU

It can take about 8-12 months to complete an ADU project that features all the amenities in it. The building procedure includes a few important steps such as signing the Project Services, preparing plans and designs, obtaining permits, construction, and installation, and scheduling the final inspection. So, the time taken to build an ADU depends on the availability of materials, delays in obtaining permits, and weather conditions of your location. Sometimes, bad weather might delay the work process. If we discard the possibility of delays then your ADU unit can be finished within 1 year.

Assessment and design

You can start estimating your ADU unit with a trusted ADU contractor so that they can prepare plans and designs for your ADU unit. Our experts will prepare a 3D layout of your ADU unit that will give a rough idea of how your space will look after construction. You can make changes to the plan and design if you think it does not suit your requirements. All the procedures related to assessment and design might take a time period of 1 month, which is quite reasonable.

Obtaining permits

Obtaining permits might take 2-4 months. After you decide on the designs and plans, it’s time to obtain permits for the same. This procedure includes permit research, facilitation, and payments to local and state agencies. Our experts can help you obtain the permits in desired time so that the work can start as early as possible. As soon as we get the approvals, our experts will start working on the plan.

 Site Preparation and Construction

This procedure might take 4-8 months. After the permits are obtained and you sign the final project, our experts start working on the project; right from working on the floor plan and the whole house design to the installation of the roof. The construction and installation might take another 2 months when we work on the electrical, water, and sewer lines. After the site is complete, our concerned authorities will schedule a final inspection, which will ensure that your ADU is built abiding by state law.

This will also make sure that you do not face any legal hassles later. After the final inspection, we deliver the site to the homeowner, and here your ADU project gets completed. Remember, we have taken into account a few things like availability of material, weather delays, and time is taken for obtaining permits to make this calculation. If things go as per the plans without any type of delay, then your site can be delivered before the estimated timeline.


ADU can get you so many benefits if built with a proper plan abiding by the rules that apply to your location. If you want to build one such unit, our professionals will help you with all the required information. Moreover, they will plan your ADU unit with maximum storage units so that you can make optimum use of the space. If you are unaware of the ADU rules of your location, then our professionals will make you understand all the necessary information regarding the ADU ordinance.

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