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How to Create Amazon A+ Material: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s common knowledge that making your Amazon A+ material business stand out from the crowd is essential to your success. Using the various resources Amazon gives its merchants is a terrific way to boost sales and maintain a competitive edge.

Establishing a unique brand presence is essential in the cutthroat world of online, where innumerable items compete for customers’ attention. Here’s where Amazon A+ Content comes in, giving businesses a special chance to spruce up their product pages and win over customers with eye-catching visuals and detailed product information. Customer research is aided by A+ Content’s use of in-depth product descriptions, high-quality photos, infographics, and more.

What do you think is the most common thing missing from a sales pitch? A captivating and original tale. When selling online, particularly on a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon, it’s no longer about the goods itself, but rather the brand tales the seller creates. 

As a result of A+ Content’s many useful capabilities, businesses are given the freedom to go beyond the confines of a simple product description, reaping the many rewards of increased brand awareness, loyal customer support, and increased revenue. In this piece, we’ll go into the many benefits of A+ Content and discuss why its use is so important for Amazon vendors.

In this article, we’ll talk about the advantages and benefits of Amazon A+ content.

  • Just what is A+ Content on Amazon?
  • To begin, let’s define “Premium Amazon A+ Content.”
  • The Value of Amazon’s Top-Rated Content
  • Who can make A+ content for Amazon?
  • A+ Content Creation for Amazon
  • Conclusion

Just what is A+ Content on Amazon?

Brand owners can make their Amazon product descriptions stand out with the help of Amazon A+ Content, a special feature found inside Seller Central. 

A+ material, formerly known as Enhanced Brand material, is now accessible to all vendors and authorized third-party sellers that have registered with the brand. Create instances of this premium content offering at no cost right now.

You may only use up to 2,000 characters and no images or graphics if you don’t have it. And nobody likes to wade through a wall of words.

Clearly, A+ Content equips you with a variety of modules to tailor the feel of your Amazon product descriptions to your specific audience.

Transforming your Amazon product listing with Amazon A+ content will greatly improve sales conversions. Instead of just listing the attributes of your product, A+ content lets you create a narrative about your business and demonstrate to prospective buyers how using your product would improve their lives.

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To begin, let’s define “Premium Amazon A+ Content.”

All Brand Registered vendors have access to A+ content, however Premium A+ Content is an upgraded version of that material. A choice that was previously unavailable to anybody but Amazon Vendors. Some examples of what we term “Premium A+ Content” include upgraded comparison tables, carousel modules with embedded videos, and bigger photos.  It’s a big upgrade from the standard A+ Content. 

What are the requirements to qualify for Premium A+?

You must satisfy the following requirements to access Premium A+ Content:

Your whole library of ASINs has to have a documented A+ Brand Story.

Within the last year, you must have submitted at least 15 “Approved” A+ Content projects.

Premium A+ Content is available for free in Seller Central if you fulfill the above requirements. 

While Amazon is currently not charging a price for Premium A+ Content, this may change in the future. Even if Amazon starts charging for the A++ Content you post during the promotion period, the content will remain online. 

Use Amazon’s A+ Content to:

  1. Raise your conversion rate by 3-10%

Amazon found that an A+ Content description may raise conversion rates by an average of 5.6%. 

Let’s pretend that 10% of people who see your product listing buy anything. That suggests your basic, non-A+ listing is converting at a rate of 10% (which is fine). If you use the average gain in conversions of 5.6% that we discussed previously, upgrading to an A+ Content listing will improve your conversion rate to 15.6%.

Second, lessen the number of returns and poor ratings

Customers will have a much clearer idea of what your product is, how it works, and how it will benefit them if you supplement your description with photographs and infographics, which you can do using A+ Content.

By outlining the product’s advantages and characteristics, you’re empowering consumers to make more educated purchases, which should result in fewer returns and more positive feedback.

Third, use adaptable modules to showcase your product in all its glory.

You may make your Amazon listing stand out from the crowd by using photographs and modules. Showcase your wares in all their glory by selecting from among the 17 available modules; details on doing so may be found in the “How to create your new A+ Content” section below.

Now is the moment to be imaginative with visuals if you want to keep readers interested in what you have to say. 

  1. Share your company’s backstory

This form of niche content may help you sell the buyer on your brand as well as the goods. Raise recognition of your company by telling people about it and showing them what you do and why they should purchase from you. 

  1. More appealing to the eye

Using A+ content when writing Amazon product descriptions will make it simpler for customers to take in the information you need them to know in order to make a purchasing decision.

Who can make A+ content for Amazon?

A+ Content is only available to brands who have signed up for the Amazon Brand Registry Program. 

Conditions of Eligibility:

Word marks and design marks both need to be in use for a brand to be considered legitimate. Your product packaging and/or product itself must prominently feature this brand.

Trademark owners are the only ones eligible to submit applications to the Brand Registry.

Sign up your label.

Check out Amazon’s eligibility page for further details.

If Amazon accepts your application, you may begin writing product descriptions using A+ Content for the enrolled brand. Plus, there’s no cost to use this function! 

A+ Content Creation for Amazon

After signing up, you’ll have access to tools for creating excellent content. 

Amazon recommends no more than five modules for Basic Enhanced Content, although you can really add seven.

All of your brand-registered items on Amazon may now share a common narrative thanks to Brand Stories. You have the option of include both a “Brand Story” and a “Enhanced Product Description.” Your Brand Story will be displayed on top of your A+ Content.

You may include up to seven A+ modules in your submission. My ideal structure looks like this:

Logo, First Module

Module 2: Header picture with Text; Huge picture (about 970 pixels wide and 600 pixels tall) describing the company, its products, etc. You may expand on the brand’s backstory by writing some text and inserting it below the picture.

Thirdly, using a standard image and a dark text overlay, design a banner image with a size of 970 by 300 pixels (the text box is not required).

Standard Single Image and Specifications — Module 4 Specifics and a 300x300px photograph of the product should be included.

Module 5: The Single Left Standard Image—Explain Its Main Attributes. One picture and some text of up to 300 by 300 pixels may be added.

Standard Single Left Image (Module 6): Discuss the Second Primary Advantage. One picture and some text of up to 300 by 300 pixels may be added.

Standard Three Images and Text – Module 7 Additional product advantages or features may be discussed here.


Exceptional content is automatically optimized for mobile applications and browsers by Amazon. However, before going live, you should check to make sure it displays properly on mobile devices.

Amazon lets you see how your product description will look on desktop and mobile before you submit it. This will give you an accurate representation of how it will appear on a mobile device.

In 2019, Amazon’s mobile app had 150 million downloads, making it just as critical, if not more so, than optimizing for desktop.

The effort and money spent on creating a top-notch content description will pay off in the long run for the success of your business and its items. Use this to your advantage if you have registered your brand with Amazon. 

SAECOM FBA PRO’s services make it easy to create top-notch content for your items. Alternatively, the art itself does the talking. When using SAECOM FBA PRO, you won’t have to worry about a thing.


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