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IFGICT will participate in Cybersecurity Committee in Mexico

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (FTI) created the Technical Committee on 5G deployment in Mexico, as a technical body to support the Institute such as a consultative and non-binding nature, whose objective will be to generate contributions that promote the 5G development and deployment.


The Committee will be lead by the Commissioner Javier Juarez Mujica and  Spectrum Head Alejandro Navarrete. Among other issues, the committee created a working group on cybersecurity. And the International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology (IFGICT) will be participating to share their knowledge based on cybersecurity standards adopted by important technology companies.


Recently, IFGICT announced the cybersecurity standard adoption by companies such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM and Oracle Academy. The President of IFGICT, Dr Mohamed Kayyali explained: “Most of companies especially information technology and telecommunication companies they have a reference to develop standardization especially for cybersecurity however some companies following a specific protocol to apply such protocol on their clients but not usually these protocols are accurate and due to integration differences between each sector.”


The IFGICT Latam Officer Gerardo Mantilla will lead and represent IFGICT on 5G Committee and FTI. The Federation Board approved Mantilla’s appointment with directors support: Dr Kayyali President, Dr Martin Roberts Vice President and Hussam Elgammal CTO.


The objective is to reach a collaboration agreement between IFGICT and FTI to jointly develop an adoption of our cybersecurity standard for 5G networks. Until now, we await the first Committee session to address our proposal, explained Mantilla. 


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