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5 Secret Techniques To Improve Custom Wholesale Catalogs

Product catalogs have always been an essential tool for sales and marketing. Custom wholesale catalogs are a fantastic way to help customers become informed about your products. Digital catalogs are as suitable as they have been easy to share and connect and help you to save on printing and distribution costs. In the end, the companies raise their brand awareness and increase sales. If you are wondering how you can make the best use of wholesale catalogs for your business, here are some essential features that will make things clear:

Main Things Should Be Considered While Increase In Sale Of Products:

Some essential things that need to be considered when an increase in the sales of custom wholesale catalogs such as:

  • Create a professional front cover
  • Give relevant product descriptions and information 
  • Use eye-catchy headlines, fonts, and colors
  • Choose an attractive page outline
  • Include astonishing visuals
  • Take advantage of the interactivity elements 
  • Add a shopping list that helps you sell more

Catalogs Brand Identity:

Wholesale catalogs marketing is the success and the strength of your brand. Well-established brands enjoy brand awareness, while new brands must rely on successful brand naming and fascinating graphic techniques. Famous brands use their brand names for their catalogs name. Unknown brands must use a captivating catalogs name but might also consider a literal slogan to ensure everything is clear. Other features of brand identity include logos and the details of the products.

Printing Catalogs Used For Online Stores:

One thing that makes online catalog businesses fail is that all the customers need to be made aware and available in online stores. Moreover, various online products are available day in and day out. Some of the buyers end up buying these products that they are interested in, or some of the customers don’t. On the other hand, a print catalog is tangible. Online experiences must replace the touch and the feel of a log. When customers go through these catalogs pages with ease, it increases the chances of purchasing these products from your online store.

Additionally, with catalogs, you are independent of online marketing for increasing sales. The role of printing marketing with logs is one pillar of a multi channels approach which increases the probability of attracting new customers.

Make Sure That Catalogs Are Not Outdated:

One of the most disappointing experiences is that the customer faces such catalogs that display products that are unavailable in online stores or out of stock. Having outdated stock in your record can be misleading for your customers.

So, ensure that you update your custom wholesale catalogs every few months with all the new and updated products. This way, the customers will find it easier to get an idea about the products they can grab from your store. It is understood to keep products that are popular among customers in stock. Keeping your catalogs and supply up to date will encourage buyers to shop from your online wholesale stores.

Simple And Attractive Designs Of Catalogs:

A simple wholesale catalog design relies on the layout of the catalogs. The outline can break or make your catalogs. It is better to keep the design of your record elegant so that the customers will find it easy to go through all the pages of your product catalogs. Too many images of various products can cause stress to the eyes, and customers are sure to lose interest. It can cause you to miss out on potential sales.

On the other hand, maintaining a simple and appealing design with attractive images and fonts will keep the customer engaged. Moreover, designing custom packaging Boxes
for your business will make sure that it connects with the requirements of customers as well.

Description & Information Of The Product:

The entire purpose of catalog printing is to increase sales for your business. This process depends highly on the product information and description in the wholesale catalogs. The explanation describes the benefits and uses of a particular product. Further, the product information gives the customers answers to all the questions related to the product. Usually, a piece of product information mainly contains details such as product name, product number, product price, product code, color variants, and much more. Make sure to add the proper description and information for every product in your wholesale catalogs.


Properly planned and well-designed printed custom wholesale catalogs can significantly drive sales for your company and online stores. Design with your ideal customer in mind. Take time to organize your products. Add essential elements to stand out and answer the customer questions in your product descriptions.

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