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International Bollywood Dance Summer Camps

  1. Research online: You can start by doing an online search for international Bollywood dance summer camps. Look for camps that offer the style of dance you’re interested in, and check out their websites for more information.
  2. Check social media: Follow Bollywood dance pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They may share information about upcoming dance camps.
  3. Reach out to dance studios: Check with local dance studios in your area if they are aware of any international Bollywood dance summer camps or if they have any collaborations with international dance schools.
  4. Check with dance organizations: There are several dance organizations that offer international dance programs and camps. Check with organizations like the International Dance Council or the World Dance Alliance to see if they have any information on international Bollywood dance summer camps.
  5. Attend dance festivals: Look out for upcoming dance festivals in your area or attend online dance festivals. Many festivals feature international performers and dance workshops, including Bollywood dance.

Remember to do your research, read reviews and check the credentials of the instructors and organizers before signing up for a camp. Have fun and enjoy learning the vibrant and energetic Bollywood dance style!

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