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Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit The Best Option for Your Elderly Parents? Here Are 7 Top Reasons

Almost 90% of senior citizens in the United States are of the view that they would want to spend the rest of their life in peace and remain in their ancestral homes. But that’s often not feasible, whether it’s because of deteriorating health, physical mobility issues, or chilly weather conditions. Many retired families cannot afford the high costs of standard care facilities like nursing homes and residential care units. Another factor is the inflated aging population in the country.

As stated by the 2017 National Population Projection survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, every baby boomer will attain the age of 65 or more by the end of 2030. As a result, there will be more seniors in the country, with one in every five Americans eventually reaching retirement age. California State is no exception. In this scenario, ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are growing in popularity in San Francisco Bay Area as there is a high density of older adults in the local population base.

American homeowners prefer to keep their elderly parents close by to be able to support them in the event of critical conditions. Homeowners require assistance to provide the care, safety, and support that their senior family members need, as over 35 million Americans provide unpaid care to their elderly relatives. The popularity of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) can be attributed to these stats.

We’ll explain why it’s a practical, cost-effective, and sensible long-term investment for both homeowners and their aging relatives.

ADU Benefits

Granny flats, in-law cottages, and mother-in-law homes are all examples of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). All of these signify the same thing, regardless of context. They’re concealed behind your single-family home and are tiny, independent apartments. As in any smaller room, ADU design is crucial. So, bear in mind that you must know what characteristics and best practices will make an ADU excellent if you’re designing one. It’s the only method for ensuring that you and your family members benefit fully from having such type of home. Fortunately, building these ADUs is rather simple, so get prepared to take some notes.

  1. Solitude and Its Impact

In a crowded place, it’s possible that your parents feel isolated. That’s because loneliness doesn’t erupt from not being close to other people. It results from an absence of connection and a sense of social or emotional isolation. Besides, it’s, unfortunately, one of the most common complaints among the aged, and despair is frequently present alongside it.

Major health hazards are boosted by this critical combination. Blood pressure, cardiac arrests, functional degradation of the body, and the possibility of developing other serious ailments are natural outcomes for older adults. These issues are simply addressed by in-law units. If your older relatives reside on your property, you can continue to participate in their lives and make them comfortable.

You can pop over for lunch or chat over coffee in the morning if your parents stay with you. Dinner might be a potluck, or you can just watch your kids run and hug their granny before heading off to school. Making them an intimate member of your family is the most crucial thing. It’s all made feasible by their proximity. These days, it’s not always simple to maintain that closeness. Also, it may happen that your parents reside in the same locality as you, yet you may need to travel a half-hour to see them.

  1. Worsening of Physical Condition

The drastic reduction in physical labor concerning aging family members is one of the most important factors contributing to accessory units’ success. Age-related difficulties arise when they unwillingly indulge in tasks like cutting the grass, mowing the lawn, emptying the trash, and fixing the sink.

These chores are not only challenging but even unattainable for aged people. You relieve your aging family members of such commitments by inviting them to move in with you. They no longer need to perform the activities themselves or hire someone to do them for them. It brings them great relief both financially and physically.

  1. Discomfort While Driving a Vehicle

Driving inability is a common concern among elderly people. Some people are unable to drive due to poor vision or failing special awareness. Others struggle to pass the written instructions scripted in driver’s tests by the licensing authority. Whatever may be the case, several older people either find it awkward to operate a vehicle or aren’t allowed by the relevant law-making bodies.

When you let them stay on your premises independently, you can stop by whenever you need to travel to see what they need. By asking more regularly, you can also persuade them to accompany you outside more frequently.

  1. Cost of Living

Not simply your parents’ problems need to be resolved. There are also notable solutions for you. Did you realize that the annual cost of an aged care facility might go beyond your planned budget allocated for your parents? Most households cannot afford the expenses.

There is still a hefty upfront cost involved in building an in-law apartment. Your investment in Bay Area ADU can vary as per your design and builder’s payments that you may have to incur, the materials you select, your location, as well as several other factors. Therefore, before making any selections, we advise you to consult a nearby accessory dwelling unit builder like ADU Specialist Bay Area.

Caring for your older family is, of course, the best reason to construct a granny apartment. The second-best advantage is that it raises your home’s value. You can recover upfront fees whenever you want to sell your home. You might also rent a space or share it with another family. There are several options to recoup your ADU building costs.

  1. The Sense of Independence

The dissatisfaction that comes with losing one’s independence is one of the major concerns voiced by elderly people. Sometimes, it goes to the extent of the cancellation of a driving license. At some other stages, it manifests in their inability to stand up from a chair or stroll around the block without support.

While you can’t entirely resolve many of these problems, you can still lessen the intensity. If you can drop next door to assist your mother in getting out of bed in the morning, you may not have to hire a full-time nurse, which will significantly improve the quality of life for everyone in your family. Rather than resenting your father’s failure to effectively travel the block, you may enjoy your regular morning walks together.

  1. Simple to Manage

Your parents may still have resided in the family home before shifting to your ADU home. Keeping a sizeable apartment running smoothly can get burdensome as they age. There are maintenance costs to be taken care of, like paying utility bills, gardeners, and lawn care services that are too expensive for retired people.

Most of these worries get eliminated by relocating your elderly parent into an ADU cottage in your backyard. They can enjoy your garden and landscape without bearing the cost of upkeep. Moreover, they will have a smaller, easier-to-maintain home to clean. It will require almost zero maintenance because it is a newly built unit. They can virtually carry on living their lives with minimum stress.

  1. Effective layout and design

ADUs are frequently constructed with the intention of housing senior family members. Floor plans for several accessory dwelling units are developed, keeping senior citizens in mind. It refers to a bathroom with modern fittings and a small kitchen that is useful and well-equipped. All areas of the ADU home are easily accessible and have wide doors, preventing fire hazards.

You may relax knowing that your elderly parent or in-laws are housed in a separate building that has been created specifically with their safety in mind. It’s not necessary to give up originality if you select one of the floor layouts for accessory living units. There are many options available to you, and you can customize your build in a variety of ways.

Also, your parents can offer suggestions that will make them feel at home. Put familiar furniture, artwork, and other decor items all around them. By doing this, the changeover may be as seamless as possible.


You may provide your elderly parents with the best quality of life by building an ADU for them. They can now maintain their independence for as long as they can. Simultaneously, you and your family members are there to offer further assistance as needed. Avoid taking a gamble with your custom build. We suggest you visit our website, viz. https://www.aduspecialistbayarea.com/ for further details to help you build your most suitable ADU.

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