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Is Qatar Airways Economy nice?

Class economy Cheap Qatar Airways flights offers many amenities even in economy class. Qatar Airways economy class tickets for any location include all inflight facilities and economical cost. No compromise on service quality what more

What makes Qatar Airways economics excellent?

Cozy seating

All Qatar Airways aeroplanes are designed for maximum comfort and privacy regardless of travel class. You get plenty of headroom and legroom but a limited personal space.

Economy class seats provide lumbar support and are ergonomically constructed. You may adjust them to find your ideal seating posture.

Inflight Entertainment

Economy class centerpiece is the airline inflight entertainment system. This entertainment system is great because it standard across Qatar Airways travel classes. Your travel class has some minor adjustments.

Every seat has a personal entertainment touchscreen and headsets for immersive viewing. To stay entertained while travelling you can choose from hundreds of movies games TV shows music and interactive games.

Oryx Kids Club offers family friendly entertainment for younger guests.

Gourmet Delights

Qatar Airways flights have a conventional dining experience. Long haul flights serve full main courses but short haul flights offer nibbles and drinks.

The type and number of meals served affect flight time. On board you can enjoy hot meals desserts drinks and snacks.

Cabin crew service

Qatar Airways cabin staff can meet any traveler needs redefining personalized travel. Their professionalism and warmth also speak for themselves. Tell the cabin crew what you want and get the world friendliest service

Little Luxuries

Qatar Airways usually gives cheap customers a little luxury unlike other airlines like generous Qatar Airways baggage allowance. Most notably

  • Socks.
  • Eye mask.
  • Toiletries.
  • Earplugs.
  • Pyjama sets etc.

Stay Connected

Economy class passengers can pay for Wi Fi. So they can stay connected online during flying. It free for Qatar Airways loyalty club members

Seat Selection

Economy class passengers can choose their seats for a fee. You can buy different economy class seats at the check in counter during boarding or online.

These are some of Qatar Airways economy class highlights. Go to Qatar control my booking platform to see the free and paid services for budget travellers.

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