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Microsoft Will Apply IFGICT Cybersecurity Standard By 2023

IFGICT and Microsoft are two great international organizations currently working to improve standards for the ICT industry. They have recently collaborated, and Microsoft will soon announce that it will apply the IFGICT security standard by 2023. 

IFGICT is a non-profit organization in the US that establishes standards for enhancing talent growth in the ICT industry. IFGICT also offers various certifications for numerous international standards. In addition, it has been nominated by UNFCCC – CDM for offering good training and consultancy. 

IFGICT has established cybersecurity standards to ensure your company has secure and harm-free data. Data stealing can cause major losses to organizations and can also decline a company’s growth. Thus, these standards will help organizations grow rapidly. 

IFGICT performs regular audits according to the agreement to ensure security and safety for organizational data. These audits also help in noticing uncertainty and undesired issues and assist the organization in fixing them timely. 

Such audits will help an organization in the following ways: 

  • Confirmation of the company’s safety policy to make sure it’s according to the circumstances 
  • Cost decrease by removing all hardware and software that are usually ignored during the audit. 
  • Reveals all the drawbacks of your organization that can damage it
  • Demonstrates if the organization is following guidelines and principles

Microsoft is an international organization that provides hardware and software for computers, develops gaming and mobile systems and cloud services. It has developed Windows operating systems, Windows server operating system, Microsoft Office, including MS word, excel, PowerPoint, and many other apps. These MS office applications are widely used around the globe. It’s a huge organization working tirelessly to offer great communication and technology services.

Microsoft is featured in Time Business News is focusing on cybersecurity by coordinating with policymakers around the globe to talk about cybersecurity issues. It also helps international struggles to enhance the security of computing future. In addition, Microsoft believes in developing a public policy to uphold the belief in the technology and protected cyberspace contrary to novel and developing threats. Currently, Microsoft is concentrating its research on four wider themes that are of great interest to policymakers. These include: 

  • Cybersecurity Strategy and Flexibility
  • Cloud Safety and Insurance
  • Cybercrime Law and Policy
  • Digital Geneva Caucus

Microsoft has also partnered with IFGICT in ISCICT Summit and will announce to put on cybersecurity standard established by IFGICT. 

The collaboration between IFGICT and Microsoft would be a huge success. As Dr. Kayyali Mohamed, the IFGICT president has said, such an initiative from a global organization like Microsoft would highly empower their sustainable communication and technology standards. 

It’s great news not only for IFGICT but also for other companies in the ICT sector. Every organization needs to follow a particular guideline to keep it safe from privacy breaches. Moreover, Microsoft’s huge initiative shows how great IFGICT standards are and how other organizations can get help. Thus, this collaboration will help address the importance of IFGICT standards worldwide. 


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