Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol units are an important part of a successful security program. The presence of patrolling private security guards helps deter criminal acts, while their quick response times ensure better protection of facilities and assets. Mobile patrols can secure a wide range of properties, from office buildings and malls to industrial parks and residential neighborhoods.

Alarm Response Services

In addition to patrolling, mobile private security teams are equipped to respond quickly to alarms and security incidents. This gives property owners and businesses peace of mind that their assets are under constant surveillance and protection.

Traffic Management

Mobile patrol services can also include traffic control and management. Security guards can help direct traffic, enforce parking regulations, and assist with special events or road closures. This helps maintain order and safety in high-traffic areas.

Retail Security

For retail businesses, mobile patrols can provide an added layer of security. Guards can monitor the premises, respond to incidents, and deter shoplifting and other criminal activity. This helps protect inventory, assets, and most importantly, staff and customers.

Event Security

Mobile security teams can also support the private security needs of events, festivals, and other gatherings. They can control access, manage crowds, and respond quickly to any disturbances or emergencies. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

National Operation Centre

Many security providers, like Stateguard, offer a National Operation Centre to coordinate their mobile patrol and security services nationwide. This centralized command hub allows for efficient deployment, real-time monitoring, and seamless communication across all locations.

Customer Services & Concierge

In addition to security, some providers offer customer service and concierge services as part of their mobile patrol offerings. This can include greeting visitors, managing deliveries, and assisting with other facility management tasks. This enhances the overall experience for tenants, employees, and guests.

Mobile patrol security services provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for businesses, communities, and property owners seeking to enhance safety and security. By deterring criminal activity, responding quickly to incidents, and offering a range of complementary services, mobile patrols can give clients peace of mind and protect their most valuable assets.