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Tips to Stay Healthy During the Government Exam Preparations

Every year number of candidates appear in the government exam. But clearing the government exam is not a piece of cake for anyone. Government exams are the toughest exams in India. To clear the government exam candidates have to work hard and pay full attention to the exam preparations. Candidates follow various tactics to ace the exam. Such as they start their preparation earlier so they can cover the whole syllabus on time. Moreover, they join coaching centers and attend online classes for proper guidance. In addition, they rely on the number of sources for appropriate study material. 

However, to pay full attention to the exam preparation candidates overlook various imperative things. Such as they cut off from society and also overlook their health. They forget that for better preparation one must be physically and mentally fit. A healthy body allows candidates energy for consistent practice and a healthy mind stores all the information they learn and helps them to stay focused. Therefore, during the exam preparations, one must follow a healthy lifestyle to stay mentally and physically fit. In this article, we will share some tips for candidates to stay healthy.

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Here are some tips that keep candidates physically and mentally fit during the exam preparations so they can perform well.

Get Proper Sleep

During the exam preparations, candidates often sacrifice their sleep to study till late at night. However, candidates should follow a healthy sleeping schedule to maintain good physical and mental health. Candidates should get sound sleep every night for 6-8 hours. During sleep candidates’ minds and bodies get proper rest and regenerate energy for the next day’s preparations. Getting sound sleep makes the human mind more productive and energetic. Consequently, even after a small period of nap candidates focus better on their preparations. 


During the exam preparations, candidates should set some time aside for the exercise. They have to exercise regularly even for half an hour. Exercise sharpens candidates’ memory and improves their thinking ability by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain. In addition, physical exercise reduces all the stress and anxiety in the mind and helps the brain function. Candidates try to exercise in a green environment for some fresh air. Fresh air rejuvenates your mind and body and also dismisses unnecessary thoughts. Candidates prefer to do yoga and meditation, these two are the best relaxation activities.

Follow a Healthy Diet

During the government exam preparations, candidates have to follow a healthy diet. They have to take a nutritious diet during the exam preparations. A healthy diet works as fuel and provides the needed energy to your mind and body for preparations.  In addition, eating more brain food optimizes your memory. These foods include whole eggs, fruit, green leafy, etc. Apart from this, candidates have to avoid eating heavy meals and fast food. 

Take Breaks

There is no doubt that to ace the government exam candidates have to be consistent with the practice. But consistent practice leads to exhaustion and boredom so break is a must during the government exam preparations. Therefore, make sure your study schedule consists of a time-to-time break for rest. During the break, the candidate can do any kind of activity to refresh the mind and body. They can listen to music, go to the park for a walk, do yoga, meditation, and many more. A 15-20 minute break refresh candidates’ mind and body and increase their productivity. 

Drinks Plenty of Water

During the exam preparation candidates should drink a lot of water to keep themselves hydrated. With constant practice candidate’s mind and body both get exhausted, which impacts on candidate’s preparations.  So, while studying candidates have to keep a water bottle on their study table and ideally drink 1.5 liters of water a day to stay hydrated.

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Wrapping Up

During the government exam preparation candidates have to keep theirself physically and mentally fit. For that, they can follow the above-mentioned advice.

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