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Top Ideas for Your Growing Family for a Stylish and Functional Home Renovation

Most people dream of finding their perfect home and settling down, but what is your option if your family keeps growing rapidly than your San Jose home can accommodate? Homeowners usually never want to move to a new property or jurisdiction.  Therefore, while it may be difficult to make your dream home comfortable for your expanding family, it might be the only solution to remodel your home and make provisions for your family members to reside merrily.

There are several alternatives available that can help you improve your current home to make way for additional space for your children to play and study and also for your aging parents to enjoy their stay and spend a serene atmosphere as long as they live. The top remodeling solutions for a growing family are listed below:

Essential Elements to Consider Before Home Remodeling

It can be expensive to renovate your home, and it can also be difficult for everyone in the family to adjust to large-scale modifications. Hence, homeowners always need to think about the following facts before changing the basement and attic or pulling down the first wall on their properties:

  1. Budgetary Planning

It is always vital to make certain you have researched every modification you want to make to your San Jose home. To ensure you are not crossing your defined budget, you should carefully evaluate the cost of the supplies, labor, and the prospective decor you’ll be using in the space you have planned to renovate. It’s worthy of mention that having to put up with a partial remodel for an indefinite period is not desirable.

  1. Acquire Valuable and Quality Inputs

While you might love the elegance and complexity of medieval style and decor, other family members, namely your wife, might be a minimalist and differ from your design concepts. It’s because some people are more imaginative than others. To prevent any family disputes, try to solicit feedback from those who will be occupying the space with you.

You can’t have everything all your way. Therefore it would be helpful if you get prepared to compromise and respect every member’s opinions. It’s also critical to consider the requirements of the more mature children when a newly born guest is welcomed into a family with older children. Allow the older adults to feel that their opinions are valuable because they will likely receive less attention in the future.

  1. Visualize the Dream Project

Before making any alterations, try to visualize, sketch out or develop digital prototypes of each place you renovate. To stay on budget and be sensible that the family members using the space will be happy, you should have a clear strategy for each room for optimum utilization. Remember that you don’t want to remodel or rebuild every year, as your budget will not allow you to do that. Therefore, you need to anticipate how the renovation will look after a decade to ensure it justifies your potential investments.

  1. Decision Making: DIY or Appoint a Remodeler

Your San Jose relatives might consider themselves a master of all crafts, including masonry, plumbing, and carpentry. You must assess your capacity to complete the modifications on your terms in real time with the help of your well-wishers. Still, it is recommended to look for an experienced contractor like white Remodeling to handle the renovation for you since taking on such a large-scale project without the help of professionals might lead to a financial disaster. DIYing may be beyond your capacity.

  1. Building Codes and Regulations

It is important to consider any rules that can restrict your ability to modify your home. Before you begin construction, make sure you get approval for any suggested alterations from local authorities, housing associations, and other legal bodies.

  1. Best Areas for Renovation

These are some areas you may focus on to generate the space you need, even when remodeling your entire house might not be in your budget.

  1. Go after Your Attic

A productive method to add additional space to your home is to maximize your most ignored attic space by using it for your living rather than storing broken furniture, dusty old books, or other abandoned objects. Lofts make the ideal settings for pastime or reading rooms because they are raised areas away from the noise and activity below. They also provide a lot of possibilities for natural lighting sources and may serve as a cozy bedroom.



  1. Transform Your Basement

Similar to the attic, a basement is sometimes disregarded despite being a valuable place despite how gloomy or uninteresting it seems. Your adolescent children may find this room to be an excellent substitute because they will have the privacy they need and find plenty of space to spread out their used laundry.

Speaking of laundry, if your property has an attached laundry room, you may consider converting the area and relocating the laundry to make way for an additional room upstairs. A fantastic approach to increase airflow and make the place more livable is by installing inexpensive window air conditioners in the converted basement windows.

  1. Keep Provision for an Open Kitchen

Think of an open-plan kitchen. Taking out a few walls and installing some bar counters might be a terrific way to give your family the impression of extra space. Old family members can watch their preferred TV shows while your wife can enjoy some visual clippings while preparing dinner in the kitchen. Besides, family meals in the dining room will seem more spacious without those walls enclosing the space.

  1. Look for Alternatives

You need not limit renovations to the interior of your house. The installation of a large terrace or external kitchen and grill area might be a great way to give youngsters more space to play without disturbing your extra hour of sleep or escaping from daily chores. These areas are a fantastic way to add utility to the outside of your house and an even more productive way to make space for weekend family events.


Growing families are a blessing, and remodeling your home is a terrific way to accommodate everyone without dispersing them to other places. Do not forget to seek everyone’s opinion. Allowing your family members to choose the design of their room conveys your appreciation for their individuality and provides them a platform for self-expression. Taking cues from a qualified contractor is crucial in any home remodeling project. Visit our website to learn more about home remodeling options in San Jose for your growing family.

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