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Unveiling The Fields Where Bolting Systems Are Used

You must have noticed bolting systems in several industrial spaces. They are a set of tools and accessories that are used for fastening purposes. These systems are used to assemble different structures and equipment across various sectors. They come with bolts, nuts, washers, screws and fasteners. But, nowadays, with the introduction of modern Bolting Systems, you can use them for various purposes, and they come with several tools and technologies. 

Bolting systems have several features, such as torque wrenches that apply torque to a fastener, hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools, and nut runners. If you are wondering what makes a bolting system so necessary in most fields, continue reading this guest post to learn which industries they are commonly used in. 

Where to use bolting systems

Bolting systems have a lot of industrial applications, and there are a lot of benefits to them. 

  1. Construction and Infrastructure: You must have noticed bolting systems in construction sites. They are used for assembling bridges, steel frames, buildings, and other infrastructure in construction projects. Thus, a bolting system ensures that the structural integrity and stability of different constructed elements are maintained. It securely fastens the beams, columns, and other structural units.
  2. Oil and Gas Industry: Pipelines, valves, pressure vessels, etc., play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry. Bolting systems are used to assemble these things. Refineries, drilling rigs, and petrochemical plants must have maintenance and repair activities. Bolted connections are necessary to ensure safety and operational performance in these environments.
  3. Aerospace and Aviation Industry: The aerospace and aviation industry is another industry that requires bolting systems. Fastenings may be lightweight but must be durable for aircraft construction and maintenance. This field requires the assembly of aircraft structures, engines, landing gear, and interior components, for which bolting systems are widely used. 
  4. Energy generation units: Bolting systems are essential for energy generation units. They help to assemble and maintain the complex machinery. Bolting systems maintain the structural integrity of pressure vessels and other components, thus potentially reducing the risks of leaks and ruptures. They also prevent premature component failure and enhance the efficiency of energy generation processes.
  5. Railway Industry: Rails need to be securely placed to ensure proper alignment, so bolting systems are used to fasten rails to sleepers. Bolts are usually used in the construction of railway bridges and help retrofit the different bridge components. Bolts are also used widely while assembling carriages, wagons, and other railway vehicles. 
  6. Mining Industry: In the field of mining, several activities take place, and it is essential that safety is ensured throughout the process. Bolting systems are used in the assembling of mining machinery. From rock and roof bolting to providing structural support, bolting systems have proved to be beneficial throughout the mining process. They offer the safety and proper functioning of different activities and structures.

Final Words

Besides the above fields, you can find bolting systems in several other fields. Renewable energy-related systems also use bolting systems to ensure safety and proper functioning. Several Turbine Tools use bolting systems for assembling and maintenance purposes. 

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