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What Advantages are Offered by Australia PR to Family Members?

Australia PR Visa holders and aspiring PR Visa candidates must be familiar with the benefits of Australia PR for families. In fact, many PR Visa candidates are keen to be accompanied by their family members to Australia.

Several benefits are offered by the Government of Australia to the family members of PR Visa holders. These include access to quality healthcare and education, high living standards, a welcoming and diverse community, and a positive work-life balance.

Moreover, Australia has a strong system of social welfare inclusive of benefits like paid leave for parents and affordable childcare.

Benefits for Children

Children of Australia PR Visa holders get several benefits like aid for child care, early education, and citizenship by birth.

Subsidized Education

The dependent kids of PR Visa holders are entitled to receive subsidized and free education services at public institutions managed by the Government till they attain a certain age.

The education system in Australia is globally renowned and has a highly holistic approach to education. The Government schools in Australia offer subsidized or free tertiary, secondary, and primary education to its students. The teaching methods are unique and innovative and encourage students to learn, interact, play sports, etc.

Moreover, the Centre-link facilitates receiving childcare and daycare facilities at subsidized costs.

Australian Citizenship by Birth

Children of PR Visa holders who are born in Australia get the Citizenship of Australia by birth. The Australian Government has a highly systematic mode of approving Citizenship. As per the policies, the child born to a Permanent Resident in Australia is entitled automatically to become a lawful citizen of the nation.

So, children who are born in Australia to lawful Permanent Residents get the privileges of citizenship from birth itself. 

Child Care Rebate

Australia PR Visa holders can cope with the costs of childcare through a Child Care Rebate. The coverage is for a maximum of 50% of the expenses of childcare with a yearly limit of $7,613 for each child.

Benefit of Family Tax

Permanent Residents in Australia can file an application to avail of the Benefit of Family Tax. This is a bonus of AUD $2,000 for the first newborn and an extra AUD $1,000 for consequent children.


The Government of Australia is highly acclaimed for offering the best medical facilities and support to its residents. PR Visa holders along with their family members in Australia can access healthcare facilities through Medicare.

Medicare is the all-inclusive health coverage offered to Permanent Residents and their family members. This offers access to affordable health insurance, free medical care at public hospitals, and subsidized medicine.

Exclusive rebates

The majority of the clinics offer a rebate paid under Medicare in the case of private clinics or fully free consultations and a few procedures at clinics offering bulk billing across Australia.

Vaccines and Immunization

Compulsory immunization of free of cost and can be taken at bulk billed or private clinics in most major Australian cities.

Pregnant Women

The facilities covered under Medicare are offered to pregnant women even if their PR status application is under process.

Family-Sponsored Pathway to Permanent Residence

Subclass 491 Visa is a Family Sponsored direct pathway to Permanent Resident status after residing in Australia for 3 years on the Visa. Those who work and remain in a designated region in Australia qualify for transition to Subclass 191 PR Visa.

Applicants for Subclass 491 Visa must have sponsorship from a qualified relative. The sponsorship application has to be approved first before the Subclass 491 Visa is approved. As it is a Subclass Visa based on points, it is essential to receive the invitation from the Department of Home Affairs. Only those who are invited can apply for this Visa.  

To qualify for sponsoring Subclass 491 Visa, the sponsor has to be:

  • Aged eighteen years or more
  • Generally reside in a designated area in regional Australia 
  • A Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia or a qualified Citizen of New Zealand
  • Eligible relative of the applicant or their spouse/partner

Eligible relatives are any of the following:

  • A parent
  • A child or step-child
  • A sister, brother, adoptive sister, adoptive brother, step-sister or step-brother
  • An aunt, adoptive aunt, uncle, adoptive uncle, step-uncle, or step-aunt
  • A niece, nephew, adoptive niece, adoptive nephew, step-niece, or step-nephew
  • A first cousin
  • A grandparent

The actual physical residence of the sponsor will be considered by DHA to determine if the sponsor usually resides in the designated area in regional Australia. That is the place where the sponsor lives, sleeps, and has their usual home.

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