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What Is The Connotation Of Glaucoma?

Today we are going to tell you how glaucoma can change the course of your life. One might think that what more can the problem of glaucoma do other than restricting you to see the world. But my dear friend, it is worse than that. There was a patient whose name was Mrs Rakhi Sehgal who was a single mother of four kids. But with the death of her elder son, she went into a very bad trauma. But God has decided to test her patience to an aggravated limit. Soon after the death of her son, she became blind. It was because of the aggravation of the extent of the cataract. No doubt, she was wealthy and had a lot to spend on her treatment. But her negligence had cost her a lot. According to a cataract doctor in Punjab, this ailment of the eyes is something that is not to be avoided and should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. 

What is the connotation of glaucoma?

Glaucoma is that condition of the eye which is accountable for exerting pressure at escalated levels particularly inside the eye. This pressure is customarily silent. It is suitable to mention here that this condition can make you helpless with blindness. If this is not detected at an early stage. When an eye is in the normal condition, then the following are supposed to freely circulate and get out of the body through an exit:

  • Watery fluid
  • Aqueous humour

But when this exit becomes hundred owing to certain factors, then the fluid will find no place to go to and it starts exerting pressure on the eyes. But you should know that this pressure is not something that can be considered manageable, rather it is something that gets incremented far beyond what is considered natural. 

This escalated pressure is significant for destroying the optic nerve. The optic nerve is crucial for vision because it is the medium that is accountable for carrying images to the brain.

How can you prevent the encounter of glaucoma?

After one has crossed the forty years of age, then it is the age at which the person should necessarily undergo the regular eye check-up. We would find it suitable to mention here that the check-up should be done by an experienced ophthalmologist and not a spectacle seller. 

Glaucoma is more likely to be encountered with the people:

  • Who is suffering from diabetes
  • Who are accustomed to taking steroids

Can we treat glaucoma?

Mitra eye hospital surely aims at providing the best vision to all the patients who have approached us. We would like to facilitate you with the precise information about this aspect that the glaucoma is surely remediable but if it is diagnosed at an early stage. If you are seeking treatment after the blindness has surrounded you, then we can surely try to revitalise the vision but there are still fewer chances for the one to get rehabilitated with the vision. 


Is there only surgical treatment that is considered as the potential method to do away with glaucoma?

Sometimes, there is no need to take up the surgical procedure, rather the laser shots and the regular & consistent use of the eye drops can help you to get rid of the problem. 

What is the difference between glaucoma and the cataract?

First of all, we should get ourselves acquainted with the obvious fact that the aggravation of both diseases will eventually result in vision loss. The cataract is associated with the covering of the eye lens, consequently, the person will experience hazy and blurry vision. As far as glaucoma is concerned, it is the condition in which the pressure inside the eyes is escalated. Owing to both conditions the patient may suffer from blindness. But the slight difference between the both is that the blindness caused by cataract is recoverable in all cases, while the surety cannot be given regarding glaucoma. Both the cataract and glaucoma are caused at the same age. 

Which preventive measures are to be taken into account for cutting the risk of getting afflicted with Glaucoma?

  • If the individual follows the subsequent preventive measures, then there will be no possibility of getting afflicted with blinding glaucoma:
  • Maintenance of ideal weight is a huge necessity. Because most of the problems of the body are related to weight problems.
  • The predominant cause of the exertion of the pressure inside the eyes is considered as the alleviation of the blood pressure.
  • Smoking does not only cause the threat of scarred liver, but it contributes significantly to blocking the way for the fluid. 
  • One should limit the amount of caffeine intake as we all know that after drinking coffee one does not feel sleepy. And because of that, the pressure is exerted on the eyes to remain open.
  • Do not let your eyes get revealed to the harmful rays of the sun for too long. 
  • One should not avoid getting regularly checked by an experienced ophthalmologist. Because 70% of the cases of glaucoma are detected through an eye checkup. 
  • Intake of the vision-enhancing food

As we always emphasize that diet is quintessential for a good vision. Therefore one should also focus on the diet and start incorporating the fruits and vegetables that do possess a dark yellow, green or red colour. 

Why should you take glaucoma treatment from Mitra Eye Hospital?

There are a variety of reasons because of which you should consider taking treatment from Mitra Eye Hospital:

Advanced and modified technology:

As we know that nothing is more important than healthy eyes, so how can we take a risk with your eyes by offering you the treatment that involves outdated techniques and technology. 

Experienced ophthalmologist

The ophthalmologists at Barr eye care are highly qualified and do possess tremendously appreciable experience. 


The treatment offered by us is highly cost-effective so that the people of all income groups can seek our assistance for getting rid of the variegated problem of eyes.‘

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