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2years Dubai Freelance Visa @low Cost

Dubai Freelance visa

The Dubai Freelance visa is a unique permit granted to individuals who desire to operate as independent professionals in Dubai. With this visa, freelancers are able to establish and manage their own businesses within the city, providing services to clients across various industries. Securing a Dubai Freelance visa presents freelancers with the chance to connect with local businesses and capitalize on the city’s thriving economy. It empowers them to showcase their expertise and contribute to Dubai’s commercial landscape. This visa affords freelancers the flexibility to manage multiple projects and steer their careers in the direction they desire, making it an appealing choice for those who prioritize autonomy and professional advancement.

Freelance, work and live legally across the entire UAE.

Not all freelance and self-employment setup packages are created equally. At Easy Freelance, we provide the best value fully legal individual setup that allows you to carry out your profession as a freelancer and become self-employed in Dubai and across the entire Mainland UAE.

Top Freelancing Professions in the UAE

  • Web development and designing
  • E-learning and Guest Lecturing
  • Copy-writing and guest blogging
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Graphics Designing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Branding
  • Computer-Aided-Design and 3D Modelling
  • Language translation and interpretation
  • Legal services

How can I obtain a freelance visa in Dubai?

To obtain a freelance visa in Dubai, it is crucial to strictly follow a designated process. Initially, you need to locate a sponsor, who can be either a registered company or a free zone authority. Subsequently, you must collect all the required paperwork, such as your passport, visa application form, and proof of your professional qualifications or experience. Upon approval of your visa, you will receive authorization to commence freelancing in Dubai.

What are the benefits of having a freelance visa in the UAE?

Having this visa allows individuals to work independently and choose projects that align with their personal interests, providing a significant benefit. Freelancers can expand their professional network by collaborating with clients from various local and global markets. This allows them to gain valuable skills across different industries and organizations. Moreover, the freelance visa presents the opportunity to earn a higher income compared to traditional employment.

Obtaining a residence card in Dubai

The process of obtaining a residence card in Dubai is clearly outlined. Upon arrival in the UAE, individuals applying for a freelance permit will be issued a temporary residency card valid for 60 days while their license is being processed. It is crucial to fulfill all necessary requirements, including medical tests, within this timeframe to establish residency in Dubai.

Dubai offers various freelance visa options, each with its own specific criteria. For those looking to obtain a freelance license in Dubai in 2024, submission of essential documents such as CV, recent photo, and copies of passport and visa is required. Ensuring that the passport remains valid for a minimum of 8 months is essential, surpassing the standard 6-month validity required for other visa types.

Residents of Dubai have the option to apply for a freelance visa with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their sponsor. On the other hand, non-residents who wish to live and work in Dubai must apply for a freelance visa. Additionally, there is the Dubai Talent pass designed for freelancers specializing in marketing, art, media, technology, and consultancy sectors, who intend to reside and work in Dubai. Another option is the Green residence for self-employment, providing a 5-year residency visa without the need for a sponsor.

To be eligible for this visa, individuals must meet specific criteria, which include obtaining a freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), holding a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma, and maintaining a stable bank account.

What does it include?

  • Labor Contract
  • Labor Card
  • Work Permit
  • E-Visa
  • Medical Test
  • Change status
  • Emirate ID
  • Insurance for visa stamping
  • Visa stamping
  • WPS/Bank Account
  • All types of NOCs
  • Salary Certificate
  • Pay slip
  • Certificate of Employment
  • No exit or Inside Change Status

Freelance visa application process

  • A detailed resume or CV.
  • See the Dubai visa photo criteria.
  • A passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Evidence of finances.
  • Bank statements.
  • Medical examination findings.
  • Health Insurance
  • A portfolio of job experience, if appropriate.
  • Letter of No Objection, if appropriate.

Benefits of a Becoming a Freelancer in the UAE

Few advantages provided for having a freelancing job in the UAE are –

  • Flexibility to work anytime from anywhere
  • Gain Self-Sufficiency
  • Work-life Balance
  • Lower the expenses and raise the Profit
  • Option to carry out multiple projects simultaneously
  • Building one’s own Brand
  • No Office Space Required

The freelance visa for sale in Dubai

The freelance visa in Dubai is currently available for purchase and is open to a wide range of self-employed individuals in 2024. This encompasses professionals from various fields such as education, design, sports, arts, media, IT, and banking. Unlike a digital nomad visa, individuals holding a Dubai freelance visa have the opportunity to generate income within Dubai. Moreover, the Dubai freelance visa is well-known for its cost-effectiveness. If you have any inquiries regarding the cost of the freelance visa, our team of legal experts is prepared to provide assistance. Foreign nationals who are interested in obtaining a freelance visa in Dubai must gather the necessary documentation and submit it to the Dubai Development Authority. It is important to highlight that the freelance visa can be utilized in different free zones in Dubai, each with its own distinct terms and expenses.

The Dubai Talent Pass and its cost

The Dubai Talent Pass, an esteemed freelance visa option in Dubai, is renowned for its affordability. This exceptional pass is exclusively available in the Dubai Airport Free Zone and caters to professionals in various industries including arts, culture, education, media, marketing, consulting, and technology. Qualified individuals have the opportunity to renew it on a yearly basis and also have the choice to apply for a Dubai residence permit alongside the Talent Pass.

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