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Best Moments Of T20 World Cup Matches Of All Time

The Twenty20 World Cup or cricket’s ultimate form of entertainment, the event that makes even the neutral cricket lover go on their toes there is no shortage of action, and ups and downs are witnessed everywhere. Over the years, you witnessed many thrilling encounters, great individual performances, and unforgettable memories that have become a part of the history of the game of cricket by this great tournament. Many more moments can be seen as per t20 world cup 2024 news. From last-ball thrillers to superhuman batting performances or nervy chases to make the butterflies in your stomach swarm, the T20 World Cup has always exuded a heady brew of talent, drama, and excitement.

  1. Carlos Brathwaite’s Four Consecutive Sixes

West Indies vs England, 2016 T20 World Cup final: A classic piece of cricket folklore in modern times. West Indies required the most improbable of 19 runs from the last over with little hope until Carlos Brathwaite walked to the crease. In an act of audacity and shear strength, he hammered four sixes in a row at the hapless Ben Stokes, and the cricketing world watched agape as he did it. Every thunderous blow flew over the ropes, blowing her English counterpart out of the water and leaving the raucous crowd in silence. 

Those heroics in Eden Gardens not just won the West Indies their second World T20 trophy, but also immortalised Brathwaite as one of the game’s greats, a man who rose above the odds and entered the realms of cricketing folklore with one of the cleanest displays of clean hitting the world has ever seen.

  1. Yuvraj Singh’s Six Sixes in an Over¬†

In the halls of cricketing legend, few memories glimmer as brightly as Yuvraj Singh smashing Stuart Broad for six sixes in a T20 World Cup clash in 2007. Indian all-rounder scripted his place in the history books on Monday as he became the first-ever batsman in an international match to hit 6 sixes in an over. Oh yes, and each time a baritone roar rolled down the Durbanch gangways, up & across this cricketing universe – squeals would have been audible from India to England – of giddy encouragement that sound was magnified beyond Kingsmead’s din. 

Having one of his idols at the other end opened the afterburners in Yuvraj, and what transpired was more than just a hundred – it was a masterclass on the art of batting, invaluable in times like those. Well, those few devastating minutes when he sent shivers down the spines of the Aussie bowlers and had his name sung among one of the greatest names to have ever played the game saw Yuvraj book his spot among the legends of cricketing greats.

  1. 100 In Just 37 Balls by Shahid Afridi

Pakistan India batting brilliantly – Goes For 2nd Straight Defeat! 2013 T20 World Cup West Indies v Pakistan – 6th Match Shahid Afridi was the bright spot with the bat for Pakistan at the 2013 T20 World Cup WICKET!! Afridi charged his way through to the fastest T20 World Cup hundred with 37 deliveries. The bowlers seemed shell-shocked, the crowd again marvelling at his brutal batting and an exhibition of power hitting from bowlers.

  1. Brendon McCullum’s Blazing Start

Surely, it is one of the most stunning innings in the annals of the event, outlined here is the 2016 T20 World Cup. Well, New Zealand kicked off by Brendon McCullum scoring a 43-ball 80 in the WC 2015 opener against Australia. The batting battery of his battery has brutally exposed all the Australians’ weaknesses and the bowlers for one looked absolutely soulless by the time his side was dismissed for a stiff 478.

  1. Virat Kohli’s Masterclass against Australia

Virat Kohli 82* off 51 balls v AUS, 2016 T20 World Cup – Highest by any player in the history of the tournament. The Indian batting maestro exhibited his class and timing – the unmistakable button that told him he was going to get runs – unleashing an array of strokeplay to ensure that he and the team would clock up a decent score next to his name. An ode to Kohli performing so well under the greatest pressure of them all

  1. Record-breaking Ton for Chris Gayle

Who would not remember the way Chris Gayle, the West Indies big-hitting sensation came and smashed the fastest T20 ton and rewrote the record books all by himself.2016 T20 WC Performance Gayle played stunning innings against England and made 100 not-out runs on 48 balls. His blitz transcended the world of cricket too, for not only was his innings the highest individual T20 World Cup score at the time, but the hitting was just other-worldly.

  1. Hat-Trick by Rashid Khan Vs West Indies

Rashid Khan spins himself into the history books at T20 World Cup 2022 by getting a hat-trick in the opener His sensational West Indies wrecking exercise at the other end had the opposition batters bamboozled and the world celebrating the fruits of his hard work and balling expertise.

  1. Shaheen Afridi’s Fiery Spell against India

In a never-before-seen bowling performance in the history of the T20 World Cup Ind-Pak supershow, scale hushed everyone in awe. The fast bowler from Pakistan, Omani Shaheen Afridi, troubled the frail Indian batting order with his raw pace and guile. His brilliant bowling spell of 3 to 31 figures not only played a major role in Pakistan’s win but also announced him to the world as one bowling sensation.


The T20 World Cup is a truly unforgettable competition that has given some of the finest and most gripping cricket in history. Long before Carlos Brathwaite turned into the new hero or Yuvraj Singh bludgeoned six sixes in an over, long before Shahid Afridi was born again or Virat Kohli was the master of all, these moments had all been etched in the pages of cricketing folklore. So as you look forward to the t20 world cup 2024 latest news live, all you wish for is there will be more such exciting encounters and those moments that will keep us rooted to our screens and asking for more of it.

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