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Can you insure a car without MOT Test?

Getting your automobile tested for a motoring ordinance is typically viewed as a headache. The cost of the test itself might range from £30-£125, depending on the car. An automobile evaluation often takes the greater part of a day. Before you can pass the MOT Newton Le Willows test, you will have to get any safety concerns about the car fixed, replaced, or even serviced if the tester finds it.

Because of this, a common question is “Can you insure a car without MOT?”

More precisely, if your vehicle’s MOT certificate isn’t valid, several auto insurance companies will still accept you and your automobile. On the other hand, this is frequently done in anticipation of an upcoming MOT test and the ability to provide the certificate shortly. It’s a favor to accept you immediately in order to save time.

In the case of an accident, it is doubtful that your insurance would cover you if you continue driving without a certificate. More significantly, it is against the law to drive with a void MOT certificate. If you do this, your insurance coverage can become immediately void.

Beyond this, in order to renew your car’s yearly road tax, you’ll need a current MOT certificate. There is no getting past the fact that the car will be examined by an official to make sure the MOT certification is still valid.

It is advised that you get a MOT certificate before looking for insurance coverage because you will need one before it can be taxed if you don’t already have one.

Why Is A Valid MOT Required Before I Can Tax My Car?

  • The following vehicles are subject to vehicle tax:
  • Utilize public roadways for parking or driving.
  • Harm the environment, as petrol and diesel-powered cars do.

Your car will be taxed if it fits into one or both of the categories. For safety reasons, you need to obtain a valid MOT certificate in order to drive on public roads. Because of this, one leads to the other, and paying your car taxes requires you to provide proof that you have passed a MOT.

There is one exception: electric cars. To encourage the transition to greener driving habits, new all-electric cars are free from vehicle tax at the beginning of April 2017. This has effectively turned the automobile tax into a “hydrocarbon” tax.

What Happens to my insurance If My Car Doesn’t Pass Its MOT?

Insurers will often cover your car until it expires if it fails a MOT test scheduled before it expires, unless the MOT report indicates that the car has serious flaws. But this varies according to the supplier. After a MOT failure, you should get in touch with your insurance to make sure they will cover you.

What Happens To My Leftover Tax Months If My Car Doesn’t Pass Its MOT?

After getting a successful MOT certificate, you will be allowed to drive your vehicle normally. If you follow the test’s suggestions for repairs, and it is still covered by current auto insurance and car tax.

You have to either cease driving the automobile or register it as an “off-road” vehicle. If you choose not to fix it and get a MOT certificate. In this scenario, any leftover tax for full months will be refunded to you.

You may apply online on the GOV website to declare your car off-road. Just remember that this car will no longer be allowed to be driven on public roads.

How to Check Your MOT’s Due Date?

If you’re not sure when your MOT is due, you can use our free online search tool to find out. All you need is the registration of your car. Any test facility in the United Kingdom is a good place to schedule a MOT examination.

MOT may be expensive, time-consuming, and require that your car be serviced or repaired. Can a car be insured without a MOT, or is one necessary?

When my MOT expires, does my auto insurance become void?

Generally speaking, your insurance should be valid as long as your vehicle is roadworthy.  Your automobile must have all components in good working order to be deemed roadworthy.

This implies that if you have insurance and are found to be driving without a MOT. You will only be punished for the MOT and not the insurance. It’s usually important to double-check since some policies could say that your vehicle insurance will become void if your MOT expires. If you are found operating a vehicle without a valid MOT, you may be fined up to £1000 and may have your car seized.

Can I file a claim without a MOT?

The oretically, not having a MOT shouldn’t prevent you from filing a claim, but this is a complex matter. For example, any automobile pay-outs if your insurance is still in effect without a MOT will be much less because your car would naturally lose value without one. In addition, your insurance company will need to do a thorough investigation to decide how much to pay you, so your payout will probably take longer if you don’t have a MOT.

When filing a claim without a MOT, you should also take into account the potential legal fallout if you have an accident and your Car Service Newton Le Willows is not done on time. In such a case, failing to obtain a MOT might be considered a more serious violation.

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