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Hair Transplant Without Shaving: Is It Possible?

Hair transplants restore confidence and hair for many people who have lost hair. However, some may refuse since they don’t want to shave their heads. What if you don’t want a hair transplant shave? Is there any hair transplant without shaving alternative that gives natural, long-lasting results?

Yes, unshaven FUE (UFUE) can transplant hair without or with minimal shaving. This blog will describe UFUE, how it works, its pros and cons, and how to find the best hair transplant facility for it.

What is UFUE: An overview

UFUE is unshaven follicular unit extraction. It is a type of FUE that shaves only a tiny region concealed by hair. UFUE can be non-shaven, long hair, or invisible.

Like FUE, UFUE uses a small punch device to remove donor hair follicles. Instead of shaving the donor area, the surgeon cuts only the hair to be retrieved. Trimmed hair is retrieved with the follicle and implanted. Depending on the balding area’s size and location, the recipient area might be left unshaven or partially shaved.

What are the Benefits of UFUE?

The advantages of UFUE over standard FUE include:

  • Less obvious: UFUE leaves no scars, shaved spots, or redness. Hair conceals the donor and recipient areas, making the operation invisible. You can resume your daily hobbies and social life without anyone noticing your hair transplant.
  • Less downtime: UFUE recovers faster than FUE due to less scalp trauma, infection, and scarring. After several days, you can wash your hair and return to work in a week.
  • Less harm: Since it doesn’t trim or shave hair shafts, UFUE keeps your hair’s natural look and texture. Since extraction and implantation are more exact and delicate, donor and recipient hair follicles are less likely to be damaged.

Choose the best hair transplant clinic for UFUE.

Do your research and choose a trustworthy and skilled hair transplant facility that can conduct UFUE safely and successfully. Look for a clinic that:

  • A licenced hair transplant surgeon with considerable UFUE training and experience
  • A knowledgeable and experienced surgical team can assist the surgeon and assure graft quality and care.
  • It has a contemporary, well-equipped facility that satisfies the highest hygiene and safety standards
  • Has UFUE patient before-and-after photographs and videos to demonstrate results and testimonials.
  • Has an honest pricing strategy that reveals UFUE prices and fees
  • It has courteous and sympathetic staff who can answer your questions and provide a personalised consultation and assessment.


Hair Transplant Clinics is a top UK UFUE clinic. Our surgeons are very skilled and can do UFUE successfully. We also provide a modern, safe, and comfortable facility for patients. Visit our website to learn about UFUE and view their excellent work.

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