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How Hairline Is Regrown Through Fut Hair Transplant

When it comes to realizing treatment for hair loss problems, you must look into available solutions. It becomes really important to look into the procedure and how it would impact the results. For most individuals, FUE is the preferred hair loss solution. But it does not mean that FUT hair transplant has no worth. It is also a good hair restoration procedure that derives permanent and natural-looking hairs. This is, of course, a modern technique of hair transplantation. But it is different from FUE, so you should know about this procedure before execution.

The FUT procedure

This is undoubtedly a surgical way to implant hairs to the bald site after extracting hair follicles from the donor site. So, the treatment works by cutting a strip of skin tissue from the back of the head. The surgeon would collect healthy grafts from the strip to implant them. The procedure is all set for the patients seeking viable treatment for receding hairline. The hair loss is mainly noticeable with an M shape in the receding hairline case. You could be a good prospect for this procedure. But first, you must consult with your surgeon to know the expected outcomes of the procedure.

Working on FUT hair restoration

Most individuals believe that this is not a safe procedure for hair restoration. But this is only inevitable in the case of getting this procedure done by an unskilled hair surgeon. No doubt, the process involves scarring on the back of the head. But when it is done accurately, the risks of infection are lower. The procedure works to regrow the receding hairline in a period of 9 to 12 months. You can get coverage of large balding areas on the head with this procedure. FUT hair transplant is also faster than other procedures since it does not follow the process of individual hair follicles extraction. It works best at the covering receding hairline caused by the male pattern baldness.

Are you an ideal candidate for FUT hair implants?

It is irrefutable that FUT works better to give coverage to the large bald area on the head. So, this is the most applicable treatment for those who have full hair loss. The hair loss can occur with a receding hairline that can affect all hairs on the top of the head. Moreover, this treatment is suitable if you are above the age of 25. Men above 25 are at more risk of hair loss with a receding hairline. This would only leave the hairs on the sides and back of the head. In addition, men with hair thickness are the best candidates for this treatment. The treatment is aimed at providing dense coverage of hairs on bald sites. So, it is vital to have thick hairs at the donor site to extract the follicles. The procedure can dramatically cover the frontal and top hairline on the head with dense coverage.

Benefits of FUT hair transplant

This is a remarkably beneficial hair loss treatment that works great. You will get a full head of hairs grown with a natural appearance and permanently. The procedure works to cover the whole head with extracted hair follicles. So, you will be assured of getting coverage of full head with natural hairs. This means that you can get this treatment to get rid of wigs and topical solutions. The dense-looking hairs will also cover the skin color of your scalp. So, even if you have dark skin, you can get this treatment without any aesthetic flaw.

Possible risks of FUT

You should keep in mind that this is a surgical hair restoration procedure. So, a surgical procedure always poses some risks, but they are not life-threatening. For example, this technique would leave your head with a linear scar on the backside. This will happen when the surgeon makes an incision to cut the strip of hair follicles. However, the scar would fade away after a few months, but you must take good care of it. During the recovery period, you must follow the safety instructions provided by the hair surgeon. This will prevent you from complications. However, you will not find any problems post-recovery, and your hair will grow beautifully. You can also keep your hair long to hide the scar completely.

To sum up

FUT hair transplant is an incredible hair loss technique for male pattern baldness. It can work to regrow the hairs with natural looks and permanently. The major benefit of this procedure is that it covers larger bald areas. However, the risk of scarring is always there with this procedure. So, you must get it done by an expert hair surgeon to attain maximum advantage. It will derive superior results as per your expectations.



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