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Mesmerizing Places to Visit in Abha

Even if many people go to Abha, Saudi Arabia, to complete the Umrah, the sacred journey to Mecca, the city itself is full of undiscovered natural and cultural gems. After doing Umrah, this energetic mountain city with its rich history, beautiful surroundings, and mild temperature provides a much-needed break.

You are going to love seeing this charming city, whether you are an individual traveler or part of your Umrah tours from Umrah Travel Agency USA. This is a guide to some of the most fascinating sites to see in Abha, Saudi Arabia, whether you have a few days or longer.

Perfect Beauty of Nature in Asir National Park

Natural beauty is associated with Abha, and Asir National Park is the gem in the crown. Painters would die for the scenery of the park. Visualize great swaths of lush valleys, craggy mountains, and immaculate woods. Within this park, lies the Jebel Soodah, the tallest mountain in Saudi Arabia, with breathtaking sweeping vistas that would enthrall anybody. The routes are thrilling for hikers, to be sure. They serve both serious hikers and casual walkers with a variety of moderate strolls to strenuous excursions.

Botanical hotspot Asir National Park. The lush background is punctuated by bursts of color from the vegetation, which includes juniper woods and wildflowers. Seeing species like the Yemen thrush, Asir magpie, and Arabian woodpecker will thrill bird enthusiasts. The park is a live, breathing haven of the best of nature since it also supports animals like the Arabian wolf and the Hamadryas baboon. Among the many things visitors may do are go mountain riding, picnicking, and camping. The park has many facilities, like picnic spots, observation platforms, and specifically marked camping spots. Asir National Park has plenty to offer anybody seeking adventure or a love of the natural world.

Al-Soudah, The Adventure Heights

Maybe the most well-known tourist destination in Abha is Al-Soudah. About thirty kilometers from the city center, this hilly region is a part of Asir National Park and provides a plethora of activities for the daring. A popular attraction in Al-Soudah is the cable car trip. Offering a bird’s eye perspective of the breathtaking scenery of the region, it transports guests on a picturesque trip over the lush mountains and deep valleys. Apart from being thrilling, the trip provides many picture opportunities.

Hiking routes abound in Al-Soudah for those who would rather stay on the ground. The complexity of these routes ranges from easy strolls to demanding climbs. Hikers will find nirvana on the routes, which snake through juniper trees and provide stunning vistas at every bend.

Traditional souks where guests may fully experience the local way of life are also located in Al-Soudah. These marketplaces are a veritable gold mine of regional products, spices, and classic handcrafts. Talking with the locals and getting mementos enhances the trip and boosts the regional economy.

Rijal Alma is An Historical Wonder

A hamlet called Rijal Alma seemed to have walked out of a history book. About 45 kilometers from Abha, this old settlement is a monument to the area’s rich architectural heritage. Traditional stone buildings constructed in the area are well-known. The elaborate decorations and bright windows on these multi-story structures capture the distinctive Asiri architecture. The little lanes of Rijal Alma transport one to another era. A museum in the community offers information on the history and culture of the area. The museum displays antiques, utensils, and traditional clothes that narrate the history of the Asir area. One may find out a lot about the customs and history of the locals there.

Cultural events held in Rijal Alma are another reason the city draws tourists from all across the nation. Through traditional music, dance, and crafts, these events provide an insight into the lively Asir area culture. This is one festival you really shouldn’t miss; it’s an amazing experience.

The Suspended Wonder of Habala Village

Known as the “hanging village,” Habala Village is among the most fascinating locations in Abha to visit if you have extra time after your Umrah via Umrah packages USA. With its name, “rope” in Arabic, this settlement, perched on the brink of a sheer cliff, was once only reachable via ropes.

The Qahtan tribe formerly called Habala home, having fled Ottoman soldiers to this isolated place. For generations the community was cut off from the outside world, maintaining its customs and way of life. It is now an interesting historical monument providing a window into the past. The installation of a cable car system in recent years has opened up the area to tourists. A trip in and of itself, the drive to Habala provides spectacular views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. Once in the community, tourists may stroll among the terraces and stone homes that dangle dangerously over the edge.

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