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The Best Drink to Help You Kick Your Soda Habit

I bet my mother when I was six that I could give up soda without any withdrawal symptoms.

Zero tolerance for sugary sodas. And I’ve managed to avoid the evils of soft drinks altogether, with the exception of the occasional cup at a sporting event or wedding.

When I was very young, for whatever reason, I decided I didn’t like drinking soft drinks. I want to think I had enough sense to realize how terrible I felt after chugging a can of carbonated sugar water. And what other possibility could there be? The unhealthy effects of sodas were a fact I was aware of.

Sadly, millions upon millions of people throughout the world consume numerous soft drinks daily. They are people I know, people you know, and people you might be.

There’s also no harm in indulging in a Coke once in a while. You can also take barbican drink. The issue arises when soda replaces water as the preferred beverage. When you can’t stand the thought of drinking water. Having a headache at 11 a.m. because you skipped your morning drink.

Now, I’m not naive enough to think that everyone will suddenly decide to give up soda. Even though they were completely unknown 150 years ago, they appear to be here to stay. Modern conveniences like the automobile, microwave, and computer led to the development of soft drinks.

If, however, the negative effects of these sugary drinks on your health are a cause for concern (and they should be), allow me to suggest an excellent alternative for satisfying your need for caffeine without compromising your health: Matcha green tea with ice.

Exactly what is Matcha? Matcha, a form of green tea powder, has long been used in the traditional Japanese tea ritual.

To make iced Matcha, you just pour freshly brewed Matcha over ice cubes until the water has cooled and you have a refreshing cup of green tea.

I was a longtime consumer of green tea before learning that Matcha powder could be used to create a refreshing iced beverage. If you’ve ever had iced green tea from a chain like Starbucks, I can assure you that it pales in comparison to what you can prepare at home.

To begin, the key is the Matcha. Since the entire tea leaf is utilized when making matcha, it provides more nutritional value per ounce than loose leaf tea. The powder is made from ground green tea leaves and has even more of the wonderful ingredients that have earned green tea its stellar reputation.

The best green tea you can get is matcha. It has an exceptionally clean and crisp taste. The taste is crisp and refreshing when made from scratch.

Matcha, on the other hand, requires no special skills to prepare. In my opinion, it’s even less complicated than using a tea bag. Simply fill a small dish or cup with the powder, heat some water, and pour it into the bowl or cup. Make sure the tea is fully dissolved by giving it a gentle but firm stir. Using a bamboo whisk, stir the tea until it foams, if you want to be very traditional.

varied varieties of Matcha will have slightly varied aromas, flavors, and textures.

However, the general notion is that hot tea can be brewed and then chilled with ice.

Now, if you attempt switching to iced Matcha tea from your usual soft drinks, you may find that you prefer your tea sweetened. Otherwise, you risk finding the tea to be unremarkable in flavor.

That’s fine; just sweeten the drink to taste before adding ice. The sugar should be stirred into the boiling tea until it has completely dissolved.

The great thing about this method is that you may use any kind of sweetener you like. Honey and agave syrup, two natural sweeteners, work wonderfully. Of course, sugar or a sugar replacement might also be used.

I’m willing to wager, though, that you’ll come to like unsweetened iced green tea in time. Because it has a flavor all its own, and you’ll come to love it.


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