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Top Reasons that Propel the Students to Travel Abroad 

Students travel abroad mainly for two reasons: The first one is to receive a higher education. And the second one is to settle there forever. Well, if you are talented and have the zeal to serve the nation that has done something incredible for you, the country respects your decision to stay there. However, when a huge plethora of students, with a wish to settle there forever, reach there. This originates so many challenges for the officials and the people who already live there.

The peaceful environment, the etiquette, the welcoming nature, etc. are the reasons that lure the youngsters of India. The truth is that they find it hard to experience all that here in their own country. The article will focus on the top reasons that lure youngsters. Through the pointers, you will also come to know the reasons that create problems for them in India.

Something is there in foreign countries that makes many students settle there forever. Many students find it confusing that their NRI relatives always have a different reality from the ones that are shown on the YouTube interview videos. But they decide to believe in those whom have they met in person. For sure, they are inspired by the lifestyle of the foreigners.

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Top reasons that propel the students to travel abroad:

Let’s have a look at the following pointers to understand the top reasons that propel students to travel abroad and settle there forever.

Comfort zone

The comfort zone in the foreign nations is the priority that makes these countries a perfect place to live. The traffic system, the working system, the education system, etc. all are designed perfectly to help you get enough time to connect with yourself by giving you a comfort zone.

These are the top reasons that stop many international students from coming back to their home countries. Additionally, the stories of these comfort zones are the prominent reasons that inspire youngsters to travel abroad and be a part of these nations.


Accept that, the Indian candidates have problems with inequality that is prevalent in their nation. There is no inequality on the basis of caste, in fact, there is inequality on the basis of gender as well. Many companies, including the government, in India are taking advantage of this inequality and boosting financial discrimination.

In a foreign nation, when you apply for a job, you will get the job on the basis of your education and caliber, not just because you are a female or male.

The Welcoming Nature of the People 

We all want our kids to be safe and foreign countries are on the top list when it comes to low crime rates. This is due to the fact that the people abroad are welcoming and are excellent at controlling their anger management. In India, people forget the sense to speak and are aggressive on trivial matters to demonstrate their authority.

There is a very wonderful real story that shows how excellently foreigners control their anger. Once a man was traveling on a bus in India and he was sitting next to a foreigner. The man, out of his love for the nations, started to tell the foreigners that their ancestors had looted India extensively. However, instead of showing aggression, the foreigners calmly apologize on behalf of their ancestors.

Now, imagine the outcome if that man has said the same thing to an Indian. So this is the difference that makes foreign countries a peaceful place to live.

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These are the top reasons that propel the students to travel there and settle there forever. However, for the last few months, there have been very important changes in immigration policies to curb the unserious applications.

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