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If the user is ready to make a new website, they will have to choose the right program to run it. You can use WordPress, but which form is better: or People might be interested in how these two options stack up against each other.

Both and can be easily told apart, which is good news. The customer chooses the best platform for their website by looking at a lot of different factors, such as the cost, the number of customization choices, and the potential for making money.

This post will talk about the main ways that and are different. After that, we’ll use nine important factors to judge each CMS and let you know if it’s a good fit for your website. It is also used by WordPress Website Development Company In India.

When you search Google for “WordPress,” these two sites will come up first and second, respectively. One might not know which one to use if the person is new to WordPress. As you choose the site that best fits your needs, let’s look at the main differences between and

What Does The WordPress.Com Site Mean? lets you host your blog and use WordPress software to build a website. On the other hand, you can use to make and run your website because it is self-hosted.

In 2005,, a hosted writing service, was created to make money. The service is built on top of the free and open-source WordPress platform, which comes with several extra apps and customizable settings. Due to this, the way that both systems work on the inside is very similar to each other. When compared to that, is a fully hosted option that takes care of all hosting issues for its users.

The fact that users don’t have to buy servers is one of the many great things about the service. When someone uses, they don’t have to worry about basic upkeep or security, which is one of the best things about this platform. Depending on your needs, the following may help you understand how and are different:

Within a few minutes, the website could go live.

There is 3 GB of free room to store things.

You can focus on other things, like making content, since you don’t have to worry about hosting the server, implementing updates, or backing up files.

With, you can start writing right away with their 100% free plan, so it can be used for personal blogs, online portfolios, and family-run WordPress blogs.

The person will get help with technical issues.

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Bad Things About WordPress.Com:

Having a website managed by has some good points, but there are also some big problems to think about.

Users of don’t have full control over their blogs because hosts them. is a paid platform, so the company makes money by putting ads on websites that use its free plan. It looks like the customer has no say in the matter unless they pay for a paid business plan.

The free plans on only let users put a certain number of themes on their sites.

Customers of can’t share paid or custom themes or plugins because can be expanded. does not come with eCommerce website makers or payment gateways that are linked to them.

What Does WordPress.Org Mean?

“The real WordPress,” or, is the most talked-about and famous website platform ever. Some people call it “the real WordPress.”

As open-source website software, lets anyone use it for free. Others call this kind of WordPress “self-hosted.” Access to a hosting account also called a web server, is all that is needed to use this software for free.

The website has a community and an information center, both of which are big pluses. With, you can do the following:

The user can give their websites unique domain names and designs, which gives them full control over their whole online profile.

People who use can post any content they want without having to follow any of the rules that the platform has.

People who use the app can “build” and install custom themes that can be changed to fit their tastes.

If the user controls their own self-hosted WordPress site, they can run their ads on the site to make money.

If users install the WooCommerce application, they can turn their website into an online store. Anything that is chosen to be kept in stock can also be sold.

You can get the open-source software WordPress for free.

Get involved in the WordPress community, learn more about it, and help shape its growth all at the same time.

One problem with is that users have to pay for a hosting plan and a domain name to run WordPress.

Users are in charge of keeping WordPress, its themes, and its plugins up to date. The WordPress dashboard, on the other hand, has a choice called “Update” that makes this very easy to do.

In The End

Everybody who wants to manage their blogs can use In other words, the user can begin building something from scratch. Firstly, the user has full control over how their website works, which includes adding any tools they want. This is the person’s best choice if they want to be in charge of their whole life.

Users who don’t want to deal with hosting, third-party tools, or features that are unique to their website should think about as an option. The user can sign up for the service, and if they do, they will get their online place right away. A downside is that the user won’t be able to change it much unless they pay a lot of money for a plan that lets them. 

Then what are you waiting for? Please get in touch with me so that we can work together to help your business grow by creating an interesting and professional WordPress website.


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